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Nick's Mini

Nick's Minis

The grass-fed beef stick. Our pride and joy. Now in MINIS. You can positively taste the nutritiousness (or is that the deliciousness?) of our staple product. Your brain says order it for being a clean protein, dye-free, nitrate-free, hormone-free, sugar-free (not a low calorie food), antibiotic-free snack. Nick’s Sticks Minis are the perfect go-to, grab n’ go snack for you and your kids!

Nutrition Information

Ingredients: Grass-fed beef, water, Redmond Seasoned Salt (sea salt, spices [including coriander, black pepper, celery, mustard, parsley, paprika, turmeric], garlic, onion), encapsulated lactic acid, cultured celery powder (celery powder, sea salt).

24, 0.5 oz. Packages per Bag