Exclusive to retailers, and you must order by the case for wholesale pricing. Each case contains 100 packages of Nick’s Sticks divided into 25-pack caddies. This means you can mix and match our four flavors within a case. To simplify:

1 case = 4 caddies = 100 packs

We offer wholesale ordering (exclusive to retailers) for up to 10 cases at a time. Please contact us by email or call our office at (715) 387-1218 for larger orders or if you have any additional questions.

Nick’s Sticks retains the right to be the exclusive Amazon.com retailer of our product. See terms and conditions. We do, however, encourage you to sell Nick’s Sticks anywhere else on the planet.

If you are a retailer located in Canada, you can order through our authorized Canadian distributor for reduced shipping costs and a much faster turnaround time. Click here to visit their site to place an order.

  • Nicks Sticks Caddy Group

Beef, Turkey, Chicken, and
Venison Sticks

# CaddiesPrice / Package 1.7oz
1 - 7$2.19
8 - 11$2.14
12 - 19$2.09
20 - 39$2.04
Beef Sticks Caddy
Spicy Beef Sticks Caddy
Turkey Sticks Caddy
Spicy Turkey Sticks Caddy
Chicken Sticks Caddy
Spicy Chicken Sticks Caddy
Venison Sticks Caddy